Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter example character


Quests Completed: 0
Battle Level: 1
Luck: 0
Wounds: 1d6 + 6
Move: 4
Weapon Skill: 3
Ballistic Skill: 4+
Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Initiative: 3
Attacks: 1

Equipment: Iron Rations
Weapon: Repeating Crossbow
Armor: none
Pinning: Breaks from Pinning on a roll of 5+



Special Rules

Repeating Crossbow
This has a range of 8 squares and fires 3 shots each time it is fired. It has a magazine of 3 bots and takes a turn to reload. The Bounty Hunter may not move or attack while he reloads the repeating crossbow.

Iron Rations
The Bounty Hunter carries a pack of food to sustain him on his mission. He starts the adventure with d6 + 2 iron rations, each of which will heal 2 Wounds when eaten. Any warrior may eat the iron rations.


Bounty Hunter

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