Halfling Thief

Halfling Thief example character


Quests Completed: 0
Battle Level: 1
Luck: 0
Wounds (W): 2d6
Move (M): 4
Weapon Skill (WS): 2
Ballistic Skill (BS): 4+
Strength (S): 2
Toughness (T): 2
Initiative (I): 4
Attacks (A): 1

Equipment: Lunch Box
Weapon: Short Sword (1d6 + 2 Wounds) and Short Bow (1d6 + 1)
Armor: None
Pinning: Breaks from Pinning on a roll of 3+



Special Rules
A Halfling Thief is very good at ducking and dodging, and is most useful when scouting ahead. The Halfling Thief can use his excellent hearing and sight to Explore, just as if
he had the Lantern. The Halfling only has to be within 2 board sections of the Lantern to avoid being lost in the dark, rather than 1 board section. Every time the Halfling’s
exploration shows a Dungeon Room, roll a dice. On a roll of a 6 turn over the next Event card to see what is in the room. You do not have to resolve the Event until you enter
the room. Place the card on the board as a reminder. Whenever the Warriors find treasure roll 1D6. On a roll of 5 or 6 the Halfling Thief has found some more. After the
treasure has been handed out, the Halfling Thief may draw another treasure card and keep it for himself. This does not count towards his total for the dungeon.

Lunch Box
Once per turn the Halfling may delve around in his lunch box for a suitable snack. On a roll of 4, 5, or 6 he finds something tasty and heals 1 Wound. There is no limit to the number of teams per quest the Halfling can do this (he may even do this when he is at 0 wounds).

Weapons, Armor, and Equipment
The Halfling Thief’s short bow allows him to fire a number of shots per turn equal to his attacks characteristic. Halfling Thieves may carry any items, treasure or weapons, but they are limited to what they can use. The Halfling Thief may not use the following pieces of
equipment or treasure: Longsword, Greatsword, Broad sword, Battleaxe, Warhammer, Flail, Halberd. Musket, Horse, Warhorse. He may not wear armor of any kind (it doesn’t come in
Halfling sizes).


Halfling Thief

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