Krunk the Ogre Ninja


Quests Completed: 0
Battle Level: 1
Luck: 0
Wounds: 2d6 + 6
Move: 6
Weapon Skill: 3
Ballistic Skill: 6+
Strength: 4
Toughness: 5
Initiative: 3
Attacks: 2

Equipment: none
Weapon: Big Club (1d6 + 4 Wounds)
Armor: none
Pinning: An Ogre can never be Pinned by a Monster smaller than him. Otherwise he Breaks from Pinning on a roll of 6+



Special Rules
Whenever an Ogre rolls to hit his foe, if he rolls 5 or 6 to hit, then that hit causes an extra d6 wounds. This means that some of the time, the Ogre causes Id6+4 wounds (Id6 + his strength), and when his to hit rolls are 5 or more, he causes 2d6+4 wounds.

The Lantern and the Leader
The Ogre always goes last, and cannot be the leader. Ogres are not very quick witted, and whatever initiative the other warriors have, the Ogre always goes last. Also, if you have decided to take it in turn to be the leader from adventure to adventure, the Ogre must be excluded – he is quite happy to tag along behind and beat the monsters to a pulp as and when they crop up.

The Power Phase-Ogre
An Ogre player also rolls a dice in the power phase. If the Wizard rolls a 1, then an unexpected event happens as usual. Furthermore, if the Ogre rolls the same as the wizard, an unexpected event happens.

So, if the Wizard and the Ogre both roll a 4, for instance, an unexpected event occurs. If a double 1 is rolled, 2 unexpected events occur at the same time! This is because the Ogre cheerfully makes as much noise as possible in the dungeon, kicking old bones about and growling loudly at shadows. There is nothing he wants more than a good fight, so there is no point whatsoever in being quiet, or no-one will know he’s there.

Throwing Warriors
In the warriors phase, when it is his turn, An Ogre can throw another smaller warrior. He can throw the warrior down the corridor, over the head of any intervening monsters, and over any pit, if he wishes to. He may throw the warrior ld6 squares, into any available empty space. When the warrior hits the ground, he must roll a dice and add his toughness to the score. If he rolls over 7, then he is okay and may get up and carry on as usual. If he rolls 7 or less, then he is stunned, flat on his back. He counts as being prone for the next turn. An Ogre can throw a warrior before or after the Ogre does anything else in the turn.

Weapons, Armor, and Equipment
When an Ogre kills a monster, put the model on his adventure record sheet as usual. When the combat is over, roll a dice for each monster he has killed. On a score of 1 or 2, he doesn’t bother to check the body too carefully, and leaves its gold behind. The other warriors share the rest out between them. On a dice roll of 3+, the Ogre gets the gold as usual.

Ogres like treasure, especially items which glitter or shine, or are good at hitting monsters with. As such, he may collect any treasure cards. He can only use items of treasure which are weapons or shields, as well as healing potions and salves if he needs them. If anyone wants to buy or swap equipment or treasure with the Ogre, roll a dice for the Ogre. On a score of 1,2 or 3 he is jealously possessive of the item and doesn’t want to swap or sell it ever.



Krunk the Ogre Ninja

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