Lord Lordicus Evildiddler

Evil's 3rd Cousin...


Quests Completed: 0
Battle Level: 1
Luck: 0
Wounds: 3d6
Move: 4
Weapon Skill: 4
Ballistic Skill: 5+
Strength: 3
Toughness: 3 (4)
Initiative: 3
Attacks: 1

Equipment: Gifts of Chaos
Weapon: Axe (1d6 + 3 Wounds)
Armor: Light Armor (+ 1 Toughness)
Pinning: Breaks from Pinning on a roll of 5+



Special Rules

Gifts of Chaos
Before you start the game, roll a dice and consult the table below.

1-3 The Chaos Warrior starts the game with 2 chaos attributes and 1 chaos artifact.
4-6 The Chaos Warrior starts the game with 1 chaos attribute and 2 chaos artifacts.

Roll on the two tables below to find out what artifacts/attributes your Chaos
Warrior has.

Attributes (Roll 1d6)

1 Mindless.
If the Wizard rolls a 1 in the Power Phase, the Chaos Warrior turns into a mindless, babbling idiot. He has a WS of 1 until the end of the turn when he returns to normal.

2 Arcane Knowledge. If the Wizard rolls a 6 in the Power Phase, the Chaos Warrior is overcome by dark, chaotic thoughts Roll a further D6.

1-2 The Chaos Warrior may do nothing this turn. Any opponents who attack him may add +2 to their to hit rolls. The Chaos Warrior Returns to normal at the start of the next turn. 3-6 The Chaos Warrior gains + lD6 Initiative for the turn. He may also take one random spell card, which must be cast immediately. The spell is cast automatically. If it cannot be cast for any reason, it is discarded.
3 Poisonous Bite. Once per turn, the Chaos Warrior may make a special site attack, in addition to his normal attacks The Bite attack is at -1 to hit, and causes 2 Wounds, with no modifiers.

4 Warp Magic. Pit the start of the game, randomly select one spell card. The Chaos Warrior may cast this spell once during the adventure, and it works automatically.

5 Teleport. Once per game, the Chaos Warrior may teleport, instead of moving. He may teleport to any square on the board. When teleporting, he may ignore Pinning rules. Remember the rules for being lost in the dark though!

6 Warp Frenzy. At the start of each new event that reveals Monsters, roll a dice. On a scare of 6 the Chaos Warrior is frenzied for the duration of the combat. While frenzied, he has
+2 Attacks. but is at -1 to hit.

Artifacts (Roll 1d6)

1 Parrying Blade. This weapon reduces the attacks of one of the Warrior’s opponents by -1.

2 Ring of Desolation. This ring allows the bearer to make an Ice Missile
attack once per turn, in addition to any other attacks he might make. The Chaos Warrior must make a BS roll to hit. Any Monster hit is frozen for the rest of the turn. While frozen, a
Monster may not attack or be attacked. The Monster will return to normal at the beginning of the next turn.

3 Lashing Blade. This weapon allows the Warrior to strike opponents up to four squares away.

4 Chalice of Night. Roll a dice at the start of the game – this is the number of Attacks that will hit automatically this adventure. The Chaos Warrior may choose which attacks hit

5 Entrancing Blade. This blade has a hypnotic effect on Monsters that are attacking the Chaos Warrior Any Monsters attacking the Chaos Warrior must roll a dice If they score 6,
they may do nothing that turn.

6 Axe of Mighty Striking. Once per game, this weapon will cause 8D6 Wounds damage. Toughness and armour may be deducted as normal. The Chaos Warrior must state he is going to make this special attack before he rolls the dice to hit. If he misses, the attack is wasted. At other times the axe causes normal damage (1D6+3), though it does still count as being magical.

Weapons, Armor, and Equipment
Chaos Warriors may keep any type of treasure. However, they may only actually use potions and non-magical treasure, such as gold, firebombs, flash powder, etc. All they can do with the rest is collect it for its gold value, which is totaled up at the end of the game. Of course, the Chaos Warrior may decide to sell some of his treasure to the other players if he wants to. Though the Chaos Warrior cannot use magic treasure, he can of course use
chaos artifacts!



Lord Lordicus Evildiddler

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