Warrior Priest

Warrior Priest example character


Quests Completed: 0
Battle Level: 1
Luck: 0
Wounds (W): 1d6 + 7
Move (M): 4
Weapon Skill (WS): 2
Ballistic Skill (BS): 5+
Strength (S): 3
Toughness (T): 2 (3)
Initiative (I): 2
Attacks (A): 1

Equipment: Holy Book of Sigmar, Ring of Jade
Weapon: Warhammer (1d6 + 3 Wounds / Roll of a 6 to hit allows an extra d6 wounds)
Armor: Ornate Breastplate (+ 1 Toughness)
Pinning: Breaks from Pinning on a roll of 4+



Special Rules

The Priest may attempt one blessing per turn. For the blessing to be successful, the player must roll 1d6 add the Power dice roll for the turn to his score, and get a total of 7+. The Priest may choose to cast the blessing on himself or on any Hero who is on the same board section as the Priest.

The Holy Book contains the following blessings:

Scourge of Chaos
As the Priest reads aloud the words from his leather-bound tome, the
Warriors feel their swords strike their foes with unprecedented accuracy and
On a Blessing dice roll of 7+, the chosen Warrior’s Attacks for the turn are all
at +1 to hit as his hand is guided by the power of Sigmar

Call of the Brave
The Warriors’ blows miraculously hit their targets despite the Monsters’ best
efforts to avoid them.
On a Blessing dice roll of 7+, the chosen Warrior may re roll a single Attack
which misses this turn.

The power of Sigmar surges through the Warriors. who redouble their attacks
upon the enemy
On a Blessing dice roll of 7+, the chosen Warrior gains an extra Attack this
Attempting a blessing does not stop the Warrior Priest from carrying out any
other actions, such as moving and fighting.

Ring of Jade
At the end of each turn, if the Priest is not on zero Wounds or dead, then the ring has a chance of healing him and any Heroes who are standing in adjacent squares. The Priest should roll 3 dice. If he scores a double, he may heal a number of Wounds equal to the total of the double rolled. So for example. if he scores a double 4, then he may heal 8 Wounds. If he rolls three numbers the same, it still counts as a double. The Wounds are shared out between the Warrior Priest and any Warriors in adjacent squares to him as the Priest sees fit, with the limitation that all the points of healing from a single dice must be spent on a single Hero. The Priest should nominate who he Is going to heal before he rolls the dice. The Priest could take all the Wounds himself, give them all to another Hero, or share them out between two Heroes, for instance. The Priest gets 5 gold for every Wound he heals on another Hero.
If the Priest rolls a double 1, then the ring is drained for that turn and works in reverse to revitalise itself. Each Warrior nominated for healing suffers 2 Wounds, with no deductions at all. The Priest may use the Ring of Jade once per turn.

Weapons, Armor, and Equipment
A Warrior Priest may use any item of treasure he finds, with the following
A Warrior Priest may never wear any armour or use a shield, other than his
He may never use any weapon other than a warhammer. A Warrior Priest may collect and use treasure which is normally only associated with Wizards.


Warrior Priest

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